This real estate market is sometimes very tough as a buyer. So much competition, and not a lot to choose from it seems. The parallel here is a little abstract, and as I sat down last night to collect my thoughts after another disappointing day with some really awesome clients my mind wandered to the green. Some days are right on – each swing is executed perfectly, the ball sailing through the air down the fairway and right up on to the green where it should. Other days, no matter how much patience, raw talent, skill, or focus I exercise I shank the ball right into the rough, the sand, or worse the water hazard over and over and over again. Oh the frustration!

Only with golf, it’s just me standing there swearing under my breath. With my job it’s my clients and their families lives experiencing all of that anger and frustration right there with me as we swing and watch the ball (their offer) sail into the abyss. It’s especially disheartening when I am working with well qualified buyers in good price ranges, some even paying *cash*, and their offers are still being passed up for whatever reason. It’s insane out there right now!

My passion for real estate sometimes becomes a thankless job where clients are all too often ready to blame me for their very real and terrifying experience of not being able to find and secure an offer on a home. Getting rejected or passed over becomes the norm and not the fluke exception to the rule anymore. It weighs on me – ask my fiance and my 4 year old- who often see the weight and disappointment at the end of the day that I bring home with me and torture myself for not being able to help. I take this responsibility to my clients VERY seriously, and it hurts on a very personal level when my clients break down and turn against me in desperation because they are frustrated with a competitive market, not me their agent and biggest resource of information and support. There have been so many sleepless nights lately, I go through this along with all of my clients, and my career that I love so passionately- just like golf- becomes tedious and frustrating.

Sometimes though, just like my time on the links, a client despite their frustration and fear, sees the absolute value that I provide, takes a deep breath and time out to just say thanks. Thanks for the effort. Thanks for the knowledge. Thanks for the time and dedication. Thanks for the patience and persistence. And they take that one last swing. It’s small, I know, that little pause to reflect and collect themselves, but in that small action, it’s like re-centering on the tee after 8 holes of nothing but shanking the ball and finally hearing that perfect *CRACK* of the club on the ball that sends it soaring right down the center of the fairway. That one swing and the sight of watching the ball soar right where it’s supposed to is the reason I keep golfing, and on that parallel the reason why I keep working my tail off for my clients in this competitive market. I help make dreams come true, and what could be more satisfying than that?

So for my clients that feel like they’re on the last hole and ready to give up? Re-center, think about what’s important to you and your family. Take a deep breath and remember that you have the right clubs, the best caddie and all of the skill and practice that you need, and you are likely just one more swing away from that perfect drive- so just keep going and know that I am right here to cheer you on when we see that ball finally soar down the fairway like it should!

– Linda Burtch

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